The Obama Administration to Date

This just about sums it up — that is zero-sums it up.

2 Responses to The Obama Administration to Date

  1. Richard Jordan says:

    My name is Richard Jordan. I am a high school math teacher in San Bernardino, CA and am in terested in national, state, and local statistics on high school dropout/graduation rates.

    According to U.S. census numbers and the “Left behind in america:the naion’s dropout crisis (2007)” it seems like the national rate is about 16%.

    Jay P. Greens report puts it close to 30%.

    I am confused. I would appreciate some explanation. If you could forward this to Dr. Green, I would appreciate it.

    Richard Jordan

    • Greg Forster says:

      The U.S. Census number is flawed in a number of ways. Jay has detailed those in his reports on graduation rates. See for example here.

      Here are a few highlights:

      1) The Census counts high school dropouts who earn a GED as high school graduates. They are not graduates, they are dropouts who went on to earn a GED. The research shows that GEDs make essentially no difference in life outcomes; you need a real high school diploma.

      2) The Census does not include persons living in institutionalized settings, such as prisons. Dropouts are disproportionately represented in these settings, so they are underrepresented in the Census data.

      3) Some people lie to the Census because they’re embarrassed about being dropouts.

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