USA Today Notices Cracks in the Dam

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

USA Today, the newspaper of American business travelers, has noticed the cracks in the Democratic dam.

You know what I’ve noticed? The blob isn’t just losing more Dems. It’s losing the MSM.

5 Responses to USA Today Notices Cracks in the Dam

  1. Mainstream reporters have seen their colleagues laid off; they’re taking salary cuts to try to keep their newspapers alive. My former San Jose Mercury News colleagues — the remnant that’s still working there — know that they could be out the door at any time, no matter how hard or well they work.

    The idea that some people get to keep their jobs, even if they’re not doing the work, is less and less appealing.

  2. allen says:

    It’s a story that’s been around for a while.

    Floyd Flake, former U.S. rep, has been pounding busily at the education wedge that’s dividing the black voting bloc and the Democratic party for ten years. Then there’s Democrats for Education Reform.

    There are signs all around of the divisive nature of the education debate on the alliance between black voters and the Democratic Party.

    I’m just glad, as a registered Republican,that the Republican leadership hasn’t yet taken note. I’ve gotten quite comfortable as a member of the “stupid” party and I’m not sure I’m ready for radical change like electoral success.

  3. Greg Forster says:

    Another thought about why the MSM might be turning on the blob: one reason they’re going down the tubes so quickly is because they haven’t pursued stories like this in the past. Their increasing business desperation may be forcing them to handle stories they weren’t willing to touch before.

    Not that I’m attributing this specifically to Greg Toppo, who is actually well ahead of the curve in the quality of his reporting! But seeing, say, the traditionally somnambulent LA Times ripping the unions, it’s hard not to have that thought…

  4. […] of the government school monopoly, don’t believe in the unions’ myths anymore. They’re realizing that for decades, they’ve been played for […]

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