Merit Pay Smackdown

My colleague, Gary Ritter, and NEA boss, Dennis Van Roekel debated merit pay on the PBS NOW web site.

At the bottom you can vote for who you think won the debate.  Gary currently has 67% of the vote.  Bam!

2 Responses to Merit Pay Smackdown

  1. State-monopoly school systems pervert internal accountability mechanisms: they adjust standardized test questions, use idiosyncratic definitions of ordinary English words (e.g., “average” to include all students within one standard deviation of the mean), exclude students unlikely to score well, and shift the age at which they test students. Schools will play similar games with “merit”. Merit pay might work in a competitive market for education services; in the absense of a competitive market, “merit pay” will become another way for the system to reward political loyalty.

  2. Patrick says:

    It was at 71% when I checked it on Friday. But it has dropped to 51 percent – I guess the union folk got their friends to start voting.

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