So You Want More Regulation?

Folks advocating more regulation of the economy, education, healthy life-styles, etc… should read this great piece in the Wall Street Journal.  It describes the efforts of Washington state’s Department of Licensing to regulate Seatle Semi-Pro Wrestling, which is a spoof of professional wrestling performed in Seattle bars as entertainment.  Above you can see a photo of one of the spoof characters, Rondle McFondle.

But the Washington state officials say that this spoof is a professional sport and all professional sports have to be licensed by the state.  They need to have medical staff on the premises and post a $10,000 bond, among other burdensome regulations.

As the WSJ describes the issue: “The Seattle league calls itself “fight cabaret” — in essence, theater with singlets, suplexes and sweat, as unworthy of regulation as a Shakespeare play. “It’s a bunch of grown men and women in costumes pretending to be professional wrestlers,” says David Osgood, the league’s lawyer. “It is to wrestling as ‘West Side Story’ is to actual gang relations.”

4 Responses to So You Want More Regulation?

  1. Greg Forster says:

    This is like that case in the 1990s where the Department of Labor tried to shut down a community radio station that was staffed entirely by volunteers on grounds that it wasn’t paying its “employees” the minimum wage.

  2. Patrick says:

    That is an awsome article. It sounds like how most regulations start…someone is mad at someone else and turns to government to get revenge.

    It turns out Mr. Richards didn’t want another banna costumed hero on the circuit so he quit. Then he reported the organization to the state.

    I love this part:

    Mr. Richards says he took wrestling more seriously than other league members and had little interest in the clowning. The SSP league is “a living cartoon,” says Mr. Keyes, the other banana. “The Banana is a joke,” says Mr. Keyes, 28, whose character evolved into the Kung Fu Banana, who boasts of his potassium power. “It’s like you’re given a role in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and try to act like Sidney Poitier.”

  3. Patrick says:

    Just in case you missed South Park last night – classic!

  4. Shakes says:

    Regulation usually is pro big business and anti small business. Big businesses can absorb the cost while driving out all the competators. Small businesses can’t deal with the added costs and paperwork and they also lack the size and clout to lobby politicians to regulate in their own best interests.

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