Get Lost — The Pause that Refreshes

In the most recent episode, Namaste, Jack comes to Sawyer to figure out what they are supposed to do next.  Sawyer, who is reading a book, says that he is going to think.  The problem, he says, with Jack’s previous leadership was that he was always reacting and not really thinking about what to do.  Sawyer was going to read his book and think.

It almost felt as if this was a discussion among the writers.  One asks, “What are we supposed to do with the plot now?”  The other replies, “I have no idea how to unravel this mess.  The writers have just been reacting, making stuff up as they go.  But I’m going to have a pause in the plot so we can think about where to go with it next.”

So, not too much happened in this episode but perhaps the writers are pausing to figure out how to make sense of everything.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still really enjoy Lost.  The characters are well-written and engaging.  The drama within each episode is exciting.  And the overall mystery cries out for resolution.  I just hope that the writers take some time to read a good book and think about where to go next.

5 Responses to Get Lost — The Pause that Refreshes

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Yeah, it was a slow week – if you’re one of those pitiable unfortunates who can’t enjoy the soap opera element of the show.

    I mean, come on – Sawyer and Kate reunited after she’s been with Jack and he’s with Juliet? Yeah, sure, right, THAT’S the week they’re going to have the smoke monster swoop down, reveal the Island’s origin in a booming voice, then kill everybody.

  2. Marcus Winters says:

    not very much happened? Ok, it wasn’t action packed but still — Jack et al. are on the island back in time, whithout them knowing it; everyone else is working for Dharma, and they find a way to sneak in the rest of the pople; sawyer has taken charge; Said is captured and in a jail cell with no real way out of the situation; everyone is at Dharma in full knowledge that the whole city is going to die relatively soon; Christian is guiding Ben and Sun; Oh — and young Ben is going to be playing a role.

    yes — i hate sawyer and kate, etc., and I’m not liking that Jin appears to be the new Michael (irrationally screaming and beating people up because he’s worried about someone he loves) — but come on…a bunch happened this week.

  3. Patrick says:

    Actually they won’t die until 1992. Since it is 77 or 78 they have some time.

    • Greg Forster says:

      Yes, I knew the hit wasn’t coming soon because Ben was an adult when he did it. But how do you know it happened in 1992? Just curious.

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