Mas Joe Biden!

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

I’ve seen past this whole act of being just another paternalistic, self-absorbed north-eastern liberal, and grown to appreciate Vice President Joe Biden.  Whatever his other faults, the dude will shoot straight with you, something we Texans appreciate. Just check out this quote from a recent trip to Delaware, where he pleads with the teachers union not to blow the stimulus money:

“I genuinely need your help to make this work because, folks, look at it this way. We’ve been given all the ammunition. If we shoot and miss, if we squander the opportunity, tell me how long you think it’s going to take for another American president to go and ask for more dollars to correct the education system,” Biden said to the Delaware State Education Association members at the Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center in Rehoboth Beach.


The sound you just heard was me turning over a giant hourglass. I’ll try to resist using this quote for a few years, but it isn’t going to be easy. Keep them coming Joe!

3 Responses to Mas Joe Biden!

  1. llabesab says:

    Biden only shoots straight with you “after” he shoots himself in the foot. He’s just another Washington Idiot who has never held a real job in his life.

    Since he got his new hair plugs, you can’t even say that “…Hair doesn’t grow on a busy street.”

    Obama only picked him because he didn’t want anyone with an I.Q. higher than his age.

  2. matthewladner says:

    You know, I actually don’t think that is fair.

    I remember an episode during Dubya’s ill-fated entitlement reform push watching Joe running through his anti-private account talking points. The reporter asked Joe “Okay, we know what you Democrats are against. What are you willing to do to preserve Social Security?”

    Biden looked almost shocked that someone asked this question, but composed himself, and gave a realistic reply involving the retirement age and cost of living adjustments that obviously was not on the talking point sheet.

    Biden is said to love the sound of his own voice, and yes, it is fun to watch the occasional foot blasting, but I actually respect the guy for shooting straight.

    • Greg Forster says:

      I agree that Biden is much more likely than the average politician to tell you what he really thinks. But I’m not sure I respect him for it, because I’m not sure whether he does it intentionally.

      Michael Kinsley famously defined a “gaffe” as “when a politician accidentally tells the truth.” Mickey Kaus refined that definition to “when a politician accidentally tells you what he really thinks.”

      I can’t shake the suspicion that Biden only tells us what he really thinks because he loves to hear himself talk as much as Clinton, but isn’t as clever as Clinton at making things up on the fly, so the only thing he has to say is what’s really in his head. I suspect that if Biden had Clinton’s talent for lying, he’d use it.

      But of course that’s only a suspicion.

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