Onay Ildchay Eftlay Ehindbay


(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Education Secretary Arne Duncan has signaled he’s open to changing the name of No Child Left Behind. (HT Eduwonk)

Conspiracy theory time! Is this:

1) A cheap way of giving the unions a symbolic victory, to make it easier to deny their more substantial demands?

2) The opening maneuver in the long-awaited rollback of the ridiculous promise to reach 100% student proficiency?

3) A red herring desgined to keep us busy with conspiracy theories and “name that law” contests so no one will notice that the administration isn’t going to do anything substantive on education policy, despite extravagent campaign promises?

4) All of the above?

The betting pool is now open.

But since we have a storied tradition of acronym contests here on JPGB, we can’t pass over the opportunity to come up with a replacement name for NCLB. And of course it has to start with “smart.” Zip it!

How about Smart And Clever Kids, Overcoming Fallacious Canards, Really Achieve Perfection? There’s an acronym for you.

2 Responses to Onay Ildchay Eftlay Ehindbay

  1. Brian says:

    5) A necessary change because the negative baggage of George W. Bush still drags public perception of NCLB down.

    Anyone who has spent any time at a local gathering of parents, educators, or policymakers in the last few years knows two things: 1) People really haven’t liked George W. Bush for a while, and 2) They don’t really understand NCLB, but they know he was behind it.

    I’ll have my entries for the contest shortly.

  2. matthewladner says:

    I cannot improve upon your acronym.

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