New Math

Those concerned about new-fangled math instruction should be aware that new math isn’t so new.  Here’s a classic Tom Lehrer song on the topic — from 1965!

5 Responses to New Math

  1. Patrick says:

    1) This is how I learned math…I didn’t know there was any other way.
    2) He got different numbers in his math problem.
    3) What is base 8.
    4) Yes I started my formative learning years in California.

  2. Greg Forster says:

    I grew up on this stuff; my mom is a huge Tom Lehrer fan.

    To answer your question: base 8 is just like base 10, if you’re missing two fingers. 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    Patrick–maybe this schoolhouse rock song/cartoon will help. I never could understand why this song dealt with base 12, it is simply in the shoolhouse math series–I think there is a song for every number 0-12, but none of the other ones get into bases. It is also one of the coolest tunes in the schoolhouse rock series.

  4. Patrick says:

    The new Bond girl was born with 12 fingers, does that mean she gets to do base 12?

  5. pm says:

    Did everyone know that 6 fingered hands are the dominant gene? 🙂

    new math = teaching algebra to 1st graders with the unfortunates side effect that the teachers don’t understand it so that they give the students credit for wrong answers 🙂

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