Cascade Canyon

Matt and I went hiking in Grand Teton National Park last summer.  Here we are on the Cascade Canyon trail.  We made it all of the way from the trailhead at Jenny Lake to the western end of the canyon, about a 9 mile round-trip.  I thought the hike was going to kill a sleep-deprived Ladner, but it was nothing that buffalo burgers and drinks at the Cadillac Grille couldn’t heal. (edited for clarity)




4 Responses to Cascade Canyon

  1. Patrick says:

    Why kill Dr. Ladner? Was he sleep walking?

  2. Patrick says:

    Matt looks like he was supposed to be in Vegas, not the middle of nowhere.

  3. I was just afraid he wouldn’t make it back in his sleep deprived condition. But he did great and, if I remember right, was rejuvinated by a Mojito. Yes, a man is allowed to drink mojitos.

  4. matthewladner says:

    I am always prepared for Vegas, just in case. Even hiking in the wilderness, you might chance upon a blackjack table.

    Instead, we saw two moose.

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