Huckabee Believes Aliens Caused Market Crash

Actually, he doesn’t.  But what he does suggest is almost as crazy. 

In an interview with Chuck Norris on his new Fox News show, Huckabee says that a friend of his in the financial business told him that the pattern of trading suggests that the crash may be the result of “economic terrorism.”  The Huckster emphasizes that his friend is not just some guy on the internet and that the theory is a “plausible argument.”  Norris then adds that the Chinese may have received some secret deal in exchange for our trade deficit with them that allows the Chinese to drill for oil off of the Florida coast without our knowing it. 

I’m not sure my summary could capture the full craziness of it, so David Kinkade at that great new blog, The Arkansas Project, has found a video of the exchange.

I hope stuff like this drives a stake through the vampire heart of Huck in ’12 talk. 

Why would Huck suspect the market dive to be caused by economic terrorists rather than the more obvious popping of the housing bubble and a credit-quality panic among banks?  Why is he asking Chuck Norris for his opinion?  Why does Norris offer an additional conspiracy involving the Chinese and drilling off of the Florida coast?  Why was this man ever considered a serious presidential candidate?

I have to add that it is especially scary when people who ought to be responsible start spinning conspiracy theories on TV.  The popularity of conspiracy-obsessed web sites, like Daily Kos, and Andrew Sullivan’s promotion of conspiracies about Palin show that “elites” are increasingly comfortable with conspiratorial thinking. 

Unfortunately, when elites peddle conspiracies, it lends credibility to all of the run-of-the-mill wacko-conspiracy theorists out there who feel legitimized.  In just the last month I’ve had two people freely offer their conspiracy theories to me about the Trilateral Commission, the neo-cons, etc… 

When will people learn that we have a hard enough time pulling off normal, openly-stated goals, like winning a war or regulating banks, to pull-off elaborate secret missions?  Human beings can barely walk upright let alone control global events.

8 Responses to Huckabee Believes Aliens Caused Market Crash

  1. Greg Forster says:

    This is what I’m always telling my coworkers on the weather machine project down at Globex. There are no conspiracies! But they never listen. Oops, gotta go, Mr. Scorpio wants me for something.

  2. ryan marsh says:

    I think they’re trying to blow up the oceans and make it snow at the beach. What about beach volleyball, you ask? There won’t be anymore beach volleyball!

  3. Brian Kisida says:

    Careful, careful, do you realize who you’re messing with here? Don’t you realize Delta Force was a documentary??

    When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the earth down.

  4. Shakes The Clown says:

    You guys are the school choice gurus. I am a big fan and that is why I follow this blog. I also like the stuff that isn’t directly related to school choice.

    I was wondering if either of you could do a piece about ACORN and their efforts against School Choice. I read in the WSJ today that ACORN is against school choice. I searched the web a bit and saw that they took credit for helping to defeat school choice in Louisiana. I also did that Google 2001 flashback search engine and it appears they have been involved in educational issues for quite some time.

    In New York they have lobbied for Stuyvesant to drop all IQ type admissions testing because they say it is racially biased. They don’t seem to get the fact that if you let anyone attend it wouldn’t be Stuyvesant (and nobody would want to attend).

    They also have established a high school in New York called the “ACORN School for Social Justice” That seems to scream Bill Ayers to me.

    It seems like they have been in the Education game for awhile so I was wondering what your thoughts were. Have you ran into any Acorn people on the school choice circut (whatever that means). Can you say anthing from your experience about their organization and the fight against school choice?

    The thing that I find amazing is that black people support school choice more than any other demographic. Despite this, “grassroots” (yeah right) community groups like ACORN fight against the will of the people. And then come Barack Obama. He was a chairman on a board to reform education in the horrible Chicago Public Schools. And part of what he did there was to give money to ACORN, a group fighting against giving those poor parents and their children a choice in their education.

    You guys are much more eloquent and well versed than I. I am just the world’s most famous alcoholic clown. As such, I demand satisfaction!

  5. Brian Kisida says:

    The WSJ piece wasn’t able to get through the first paragraph without distorting the facts, so I am going to have to reserve judgement regarding ACORN and school choice. It seems likely that an umbrella organization like this has come down on both sides. Shakes, can you provide a link to this Louisianna story you are referring to? All I have come up with is positive.
    For example, they recently transported a bunch of parents and kids from a failing city school system (Providence, RI) to a nearby suburban school in order to highlight the failure of school systems to implement the choice provisions of NCLB. Maybe they’re not choice fanatics, but that stunt hardly depicts them as rabid choice opponents.

    They also run this website, which provides information and aid to parents choosing schools in New York City, as well as information on attending private schools and information about how to get scholarships for those private schools.

  6. matthewladner says:

    My experience has been that ACORN is a pretty reliable ally of the teacher unions. Whether or not they have any influence, I couldn’t say. I’ve heard more than a couple of jokes about ACORN paying homeless people to put on a tee-shirt and hold up a sign.

  7. STC says:

    Brian, I have no idea how to find the website again. I think it was an old ACORN newsletter, and I may have accessed it using the GOOGLE 2001 database. It was pre Katrina I think, and I think it spoke of a rally at the state capital by ACORN and the teacher’s union to fight school vouchers. I think that was the gist of it.

    Above is a Sol Stern article from 2003 that talks about ACORN and their hostility towards education reform. It is near the end where the subject comes up.

    I think the fact that they have their own leftist schools is quite creepy. That whole organization creeps me out.

    What shocks me is how big and influential an organization they are, and until only recently they have been flying under the radar from mainstream America.

  8. Brian Kisida says:

    Sol Stern talking about their hostility towards education reform, eh? That’s a throwback. I like this part:

    “The group regularly takes actions that appear blatantly self-interested or hypocritical.”

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