Palin and Fundamentalist Muslims? More than Lipstick

Juan Cole has an awful piece on Salon this morning “What’s the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick.”

A friend of mine commented: “Hmmmmm….well, lipstick, and the whole blowing up innocent people thing…. personally, its the blowing up people that gets me a bit upset about radical Islam, but hey, that’s me.”

Another friend noted: “So if this is what Juan Cole really thinks, why does he support one set of fundamentalists (the ones with suicide belts) and not the other (the ones with lipstick)?”

(edited to correct source as Salon)

4 Responses to Palin and Fundamentalist Muslims? More than Lipstick

  1. John says:

    Salon, not Slate. Slate usually knows better than publishing Juan Cole. Although to be fair I’m not sure that Muslim fundamentalism equates with Muslim terrorism – one could certainly believe in a strict interpretation of the Koran and believe it should be applied to all aspects of life while condemning terrorism (many Muslim fundamentalists do just that). In any case no one wins by reading Juan Cole too carefully.

  2. Good catch. I corrected it so that it reads Salon. Thanks.

  3. Greg Forster says:

    John, you’re right that no one wins by reading Juan Cole carefully. I would add that nobody wins by reading Juan Cole, period. And thankfully, nobody serious does. (Except Jay this one time.)

  4. E. Butler says:

    Obama said if one of his daughters got pregnant she “should not be punished with a child”. I.e., he would kill his own grandchild if it came at an inconvenient time. This may relate to his abandonment by his father when he was a child. How can such a person be trusted to look out for the best interests of our people?
    Also, he shamelessly tries to buy votes by promising tax cuts and $1000 rebates for the cost of fuel. It would cost $75 billion plus considerable administrative costs to do the $1000 per eligible household rebates. He says oil companies will be taxed for this amount. Somehow I think they will pass that cost back to the consumer at the pump.

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