Fear and Loathing Abates in Carson City

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Back in the misty origins of the JPGB (okay a few months ago) I posted on the Nevada Board of Education’s absurd 8-0 vote to impose a moratorium on the approval of new charter schools. Board members told the press that the freeze was necessary because the state Education Department is being “overwhelmed” by 11 charter applications.

Arizona’s State Board for Charter Schools oversees 482 Arizona charter schools with a staff of 8. Nevada has 22 charter schools. Somehow, Nevada taxpayers manage to fund a board overseeing hair salons with 14 full time employees. In addition, the Nevada legislature created a funding stream for charter school oversight of 2% of the per student funding. Charter school oversight would be self-funding if they would, ahem, approve some applications.

Now comes the happy news that that the Nevada Board of Education has voted 6-2 to lift the moratorium. Congratulations to the Nevada Policy Research Institute and other Silver State charter supporters who fought the decision.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Great work Matt!

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