I have an op-ed in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution on the social promotion issue in Georgia.

2 Responses to AJC Op-Ed

  1. Ryan Marsh says:

    “But the Journal-Constitution’s report showed that most students are promoted in spite of the law. In Clayton County, for example, 97 percent of students who failed the retest —- or simply didn’t take the retest—- were promoted anyway. When asked why, the district issued a statement that said, “The philosophy of prior administrators was to promote students who failed and provide them remediation.”

    Oh, I see. The law says that students unable to pass the state’s test ought to be retained, but Clayton County school officials have a different philosophy. Their philosophy is that they don’t have to follow the law.”

    Clayton County school officials have released a photo of a prior administrator: http://www.spscriptorium.com/Season2/BigRecordProducer.jpg. When asked about willful disregard of this law, he responded, “I am above the law!”

  2. Greg Forster says:

    I thought he said “I AM the law!”

    Now I’ll have to watch it again!

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