Correction on Tax Credits

(Guest Post by Greg Forster)

In this post a while back, I wrote that the potential for enacting school choice by giving families tax credits for their education expenditures would be strictly limited “until some state enacts a refundable credit.”

George Clowes wrote me to point out that the tax credit in Minnesota is already refundable. And since I’ve already pointed out that you don’t want to get on George Clowes’s bad side, I hasten to correct my error.

This doesn’t really affect my point much, since the Minnesota credit just happens to be the only one that doesn’t include tuition (only other education expenses like books and fees are eligible) and this is an even bigger limitation than the “unrefundability” (to use a totally real and not-made-up word) of the credits in other states. Tax credits for private school families won’t provide much choice until we get one that 1) is refundable, 2) isn’t restricted to a small amount of money, and 3) includes tution.

Nonetheless, I apologize for the error, and I thank George for bringing it to my attention.

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