Rejoinder to Sol Stern

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

My rejoinder to Sol Stern’s erroneous claims about school choice is on Pajamas Media this morning. A sample:

And what about the claim that vouchers are a political loser? Stern writes that “voucher programs for poor children … have hit a wall.” (emphasis added) He observes that there haven’t been new “voucher programs for poor children” (emphasis added) since the Supreme Court gave its blessing to vouchers in 2002.

If you read Stern’s article without knowing the facts, you’d think there had been only one new voucher program since 2002 — he mentions only the DC program. What Stern doesn’t tell you is that there have been no other new voucher programs “for poor children” because vouchers are now so successful that the programs enacted since 2002 are no longer restricted to poor children. They’re broader in scope.

I go on to defend the claim I made last week here on Jay P. Greene’s Blog that “school choice is politically stronger than ever,” and run down the empirical research on the effects of choice.

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