School Violence Declining

At least according to a post by Eduwonkette it is.  Citing data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey on trends over the last 15 years in Chicago, she reports that carrying a weapon in school has declined, engaging in fights has declined, and feeling unsafe at school has declined.  She concludes: “the long-term trends are generally positive, but the overall levels of violence are astoundingly high.”  This helps put the bullying issue in some perspective.

And Eduwonkette may need some more tutoring with Photoshop.  My head is tiny relative to the body she pasted me on.  But I look kind of like David Byrne in his big suit (if his big suit was a blue vest).  Pretty cool.

2 Responses to School Violence Declining

  1. eduwonkette says:

    I’ll do better next time;) That greeter had a really big body.

  2. Greg Forster says:

    David Byrne? When I saw the pic, I thought: “Hey, Hollywood – even Jay Greene makes a more convincing Incredible Hulk than that Gumby-on-steroids clay figurine Ed Norton turns into in the trailer!”

    The Hulk’s traditionally either green or gray – blue’s kind of a stretch. But you should call the studio anyway – there’s still time to do a reshoot.

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