Higher Ed Inches Ever Closer to Disruptive Change

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Now Harvard is in, teaming with MIT to create the EdX online learning platform. Money quote from the NY Times:

“Projects like this can impact lives around the world, for the next billion students from China and India,” said George Siemens, a MOOC pioneer who teaches at Athabasca University, a publicly supported online Canadian university. “But if I were president of a mid-tier university, I would be looking over my shoulder very nervously right now, because if a leading university offers a free circuits course, it becomes a real question whether other universities need to develop a circuits course.”

No one has agreed to grant university credit for getting through one of these online courses…yet. Stay tuned…

4 Responses to Higher Ed Inches Ever Closer to Disruptive Change

  1. George Mitchell says:

    For me this was the most interesting story in today’s NYTimes. Even more so than Obama’s girlfriend and Elizabeth Warren’s “heritage.” I and many, many other individuals will take advantage of these options. But, of course, the broader implications on the delivery of education are nothing short of game-changing.

  2. George Mitchell says:

    Further, note today’s news that those in the California State University system plan to go on strike for a couple days next fall to protest budget cuts. Talk about dinosaurs. They can’t see what is coming.

  3. Wondered when you’d run across this. Perhaps we can begin to move past the obsessive focus on a bachelor degree, and instead allow certifications that actually evaluate people on skills and knowledge and not simple time in the classroom and a degree.

    I haven’t seen you comment on Anya Kamenetz’s DIY U, but it collects and synthesizes a great deal of similar data devoted to breaking down the ivory tower, and getting on to the real purpose of education.

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