Buckle Up…2011 NAEP release on Nov. 1st

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

NAEP is releasing 4th and 8th Grade Reading and Math results for 2011 on November 1st.

I’ll comb through the data and post the results here.

2 Responses to Buckle Up…2011 NAEP release on Nov. 1st

  1. I hope your analysis goes a lot deeper than just presenting a simplistic ranking of overall scores for each state. With large variations from state to state in racial demographics and exclusion rates now common with NAEP, simplistic rankings can lead to serious misconceptions about the overall performance of one state against another.

    Also, simplistically ranking scores without taking account of the statistical sampling errors in the NAEP is poor, but all too frequently encountered, analysis. The NAEP Data Explorer now makes it easy to overcome that problem, and there really isn’t any excuse today for such simplistic analysis.

    For a great web article on some of these issues, read:


    Find still more on issues with the NAEP at:


    Especially check out the blog under the “News” pull down menu.

  2. Audrey Buffington says:

    Correct, Richard. Here are the Maine data for the white race/ethnic group:
    Math: 4th grade . . . tied for 33rd
    8th grade . . .tied for 31st
    Reading: 4th grafe . . .tied for 43rd
    8th grade . . . tied for 30th

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