Question for Leo — How Long Will It Take For an NEA Correction?

Since the teacher union flacks have a hard time changing the cue cards from which they read, we have a question for Leo:  How long will it take until the NEA issues a correction for the obvious error committed in the video above and in the press release here?

In case you need to catch up, the NEA issued a press release claiming “Inflation over the past decade has outpaced teachers’ salaries in every single state across the country…”  The only problem is that their own report shows that teacher salaries actually rose at a real rate of 3.4% nationwide over the last decade and at faster than the rate of inflation in 36 states.  Read more about it here.

We’ll start our new series, NEA Correction Watch, tomorrow to count the days until they admit the error.

UPDATE — I’ve been corresponding by email with Celeste F. Busser, the NEA’s Senior Public Relations Specialist, about this error.  I have to say she has been very responsive.  In fact, she just emailed me to say that the NEA’s research department has “confirmed their mistake.”  She has altered the web site of the press release to say that inflation has outpaced salary increases in 15 states (rather than every state) over the past decade.  And she says that she will send a corrected press release to everyone who received the original one. 

Yes, the NEA is still putting their heavy spin on these facts, but at least they are getting the facts right.  I feel a little guilty about expecting the worst with regard to their issuing a correction.  But my guilt is reduced somewhat by the fact that they do not appear to acknowledge any error and are just replacing the erroneous information as if it never happened.  That’s not quite what they should be doing.

5 Responses to Question for Leo — How Long Will It Take For an NEA Correction?

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Jay, you’re judging by an anecdote (this one time they’re only partly dishonest) instead of by the balance of the available data (which indicates they’re usually fully dishonest). Your first expectation was the rational one.

  2. allen says:

    So Jay, you think that a political organization ought to come clean when it’s caught lying in the service of its membership and never, ever do that again?


  3. Greg Forster says:

    Now, now – let’s not get into philosophical disputes about whether “ought implies can.” 🙂

  4. […] error and have yanked the video I linked to and altered their report. Jay has a follow-up post here.  Here is the video I tried to link to just in case you missed it: Riff […]

  5. “This video has been removed by the user.”

    LOL, as the kids say.

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